First Visit

On Your Arrival:

The receptionist will welcome you and help you to fill out a form with a few personal details and some information on your condition.


You will be asked questions about your condition, general health, medical history, work environment, activity, diet and your expectations of treatment.


After the consultation, the chiropractor will examine you, performing a series of tests to check the structures in the painful area and the surrounding joints. Often the pain can be referred from a different part of the body. This will allow the Practitioner to more accurately diagnose your condition and form a treatment plan to help you with your problem.


If necessary, your chiropractor will advise you accordingly. X-Rays can be done straight away with our on-site x-ray facilities. Findings will be shown and explained to you so that treatment is not delayed.

Report of Findings:

After consultation and examination, the chiropractor will give you feedback on what they feel the condition is, whether chiropractic could be helpful. At this time, please feel free to ask any questions. If they do not think chiropractic care is appropriate, they will suggest a course of action such as seeing your G.P. or other relevant medical practitioners. We can provide with you a consultant radioligist report for a fee.


If chiropractic care is appropriate and once your consent is obtained, treatment can be performed straight away. This may involve a combination of manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue work and ultrasound. There is no time limit of treatment; it will take as long as needed and considered necessary. Some patients may feel a little stiff or sore after treatment and this is normal.